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{…with a lake view…wait. what?}

There’s something we’ve been dying to proclaim to the world, and now we finally can! What’s been holding us back, you may ask? Well, we wanted to tell the Sseko-ladies first before announcing our big news to the world-wide-web.

Drum roll please……

SSEKO HAS A NEW WORKSHOP! And not only did we tell the Sseko-ladies about this amazing new location, we showed it to them in style. We took an afternoon off work and rented a van to take them to a “surprise destination”. When we pulled up to the gate of the new place, we wanted to have some sort of dramatic reveal…. That grand effect was stolen from us though, because the women couldn’t resist peeking through the side of the gate.

We gave them a tour of the new place, explained our vision for the layout, and let them dream with us about what working in this new space would be like. After all of them had seen the in’s and out’s of the new place, we had a picnic lunch waiting for them on the lawn, and discussed the move over a big plate of matoke, beans, and rice.

This is going to be a big change for Sseko and the women who work for us, and in case you were unaware- Ugandans tend to be a bit reluctant to accept change. Our ladies were put at ease by the scenic view (did I mention we have a view of Lake Victoria?), the workshop that seems as if it were built just for us, the informative meeting about the coming changes, and of course the picnic lunch. Because let’s be honest- good food makes every situation that much better!

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